Sync province retail shipping tax to NetSuite



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    Thanks for the new feature

    i did everything but when I want to customize the colorado tax to 0 because we want SO to call Avalara using only that non-inventory item
    (Colorado item) the TaxRetailFee it didn't show up in the mappings automatically I add manually when i add the lookup to 0 it didn't change that in Netsuite 

    Saikumar Rachamalla


  • Saikumar Rachamalla Principal Technical Writer

    Hi Idriss Talainte Oulili

    Using the Map province retail shipping tax setting, the override will only happen when the override value is not “0". Also, the current implementation is not adding a line item in Netsuite if the price is "0". You can write a custom script in NetSuite to make the value ‘0’ after syncing the order. Let us know if this helps.

    Happy posting!


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