Shopify-NetSuite Integration App Not Processing Gift Certificates Quantity Correctly



  • Christopher Bradley


  • Alan Rojas

    Is there a guide for setting up gift cards in NetSuite for use with the Shopify Connector? I am unable to get the Gift Card items to sync.

  • Gogula R Bhavana Prebuilt Docs Team Lead Community manager

    Hi Alan Rojas 

    Thank you for writing to us.

    We do not support to sync gift cards against gift certificates.

    Regarding gift cards:
     - for redemption, create is a payment item type.
     - for purchase, as we don’t support gift certificate, but you can track against non-inventory item type.

    Please refer to the below:

  • Alan Rojas

    Thank you for your comment. Is there a way to get step by step instructions on how to see this up completely?


    Thank you,


  • Gogula R Bhavana Prebuilt Docs Team Lead Community manager

    Alan Rojas Sorry for the late reply. Please find the steps below to support gift certificate:

    1. Next to the order flow, click Edit Mappings.
      Note: If any of the real-time and the batch flow is enabled, please add the below expression to the real-time flow.
    2. Next to the "line_items[*].sku - Items : Item (InternalId)" mapping, click on the Settings icon.
    3. Below the Options field, click Add Filter.
    4. Enter the details in the newly added filter field as below:
      Internal ID (Number) - equal to - "{{#compare line_items[*].gift_card '===' true}}1234{{else}}0{{/compare}}"
      Note: Replace '===' with gift card or gift certificate NetSuite ID.
    5. On the Settings window, click Save.
    6. On the Mappings window, click Save & Close.


    Please let us know if you have any further queries.


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