In the Shopify-NetSuite Integration App, are "Paid" and "Authorized" Transactions the same when Importing Orders?



  • Chris Telep


    I have an order that is 'Authorized' in Shopify. My settings are set up to Sync Web Orders 'When They are Authorized In Shopify'. I have tried running the scheduled flow and setting the date of the delta to much before the order creation date and it still isn't being picked up. I see the hardcoded Output Filter on the scheduled flow that filters by the financial_status matches '^(paid|partially_refunded|refunded|pending)$'. Is this filtering out the Authorized order?

  • Nilesh Kumar Senior Product Manager
    Celigo University Level 4: Legendary

    Hi Chris
    The hardcoded output filter should show "^(authorized|partially_paid|paid)$" when one selects the option 'When They are Authorized In Shopify' for Sync web orders to NetSuite based on the Shopify order status under Settings > Order > Order.
    I did notice that you have created a support ticket and your issue is addressed now. 


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