Sync FBA orders and customers from Amazon to NetSuite



  • Uday


    For example, if we are using Amazon MCF integration to push orders from NetSuite to Amazon so that those orders are fulfilled by Amazon. In this case, will the regular Amazon Integration pick those orders again and push them to NetSuite. I have run the FBA order on-demand flow for MCF order and it was imported to NetSuite successfully. Do we need to add any additional criteria in the FBA order flow to prevent this?

  • Gogula R Bhavana Prebuilt Docs Team Lead Community manager

    Hello Uday

    Thank you for writing to us. Please find the details below.

    The Batch Order Import flow we have in Amazon (both MFN & FBA), has criteria to ignore non-Amazon Orders which means these Fulfillment Channel Orders. Below is the filter we have for Batch flow. 

    But for the On-Demand flow, we don't process any filter on that particular Order ID and just get Line Items for the respective Order ID and import the Order, that's why the Order got imported. But to confirm the batch flow will not pick those orders for sure and will be ignored at exports itself. 

    Please let us know if you require further information.


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