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How to obtain order id from your eBay account?



  • Nick Seney

    This seems pretty out of date. The Ebay UI and URI don't match the screenshots that are shown anymore.

  • Tom Santiago Senior Technical Writer Community moderator
    Top Contributor
    Celigo University Level 4: Legendary

    Hi Nick, I just created a ticket to get this article revised. Thanks for letting us know it needs to happen.

  • Ly Wolfe

    I am coming across an error where the Celigo Data Flow states that the order does not exist.  I have checked the itemid-transactionid and they are correct.  Has anyone come across this?

  • Jeremy Dawe

    Just running through the integration process, a lot of docs seem either out of date or unclear. Also a point of note ItemID#-TransID# is only good for an Ebay order with 1 item, for an order with multiple lines you need the OrderID# by itself to bring in the order. I had to find an older group Zoom demonstration to understand this.

    As an example single line order: 392266728005-1081526279026 vs multi line order 270104759016


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