Shopify Order Import SKU Lookup Error



  • Julian Kluver

    We are still having the same issue "A mapping error occurred. More than one match for "[["itemid","is","xxx-xxx-xx"],"AND",["isinactive","is","F"]]" for the record type "item".' and we have the following as out look up filter expression - [["nameinternal","is","{{line_items[*].sku}}"],"AND",["isinactive","is","F"]] which is the solution that was posted, however this is not resolving the issue.

  • Jolyon Blazey
    Celigo University Level 2: Seasoned

    This fix worked for us in the current version of the Shopify Netsuite integration app. The flow is Shopify order to NetSuite sales order (add). Our error was returning more than one Item in the item lookup, due to a small number of our SKU Items having a Vendor code that matched a SKU in a separate item. It seems crazy that Netsuite will match Vendor code when you ask it to only match on SKU or "Name" field in netsuite, and also strange that Celigo IA does not already have this mapping set correctly.

  • Saikumar Rachamalla Docs Team Lead Principal Technical Writer

    Thanks for sharing the feedback, Jolyon Blazey. We will let our product team know about this and see if we can address this. Thanks!


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