How to sync a three-line address in Salesforce - NetSuite Integration App



  • Megan Callaghan
    Awesome Follow-up

    I am having trouble Salesforce to Netsuite Billing Street to Address 1 syncing (as in, it's not). Should I try something like this?

  • Saumya Sunder

    Hi Megan, you already have this capability in V2. Navigate to Integration Flows > Account Sync > Advanced Settings > Salesforce to NetSuite > enable Split Address Lines and select the Address Street Fields.

  • Damon Betlow

    We are also having trouble with the address lines syncing properly.  

    The split option causes the Salesforce address to have Address2 appended to Address1 multiple times (once for each save).

    The shipping and billing address don't sync from NetSuite to Salesforce if the addresses existed in NetSuite first.

    We get an error that something is wrong with the country picklist.


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