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Description and Subtotal Items Must Be Manually Added to Price Books in the Salesforce - NetSuite Connector




  • Damon Betlow

    I've added Subtotal to Salesforce and Pricebooks manually, but I get an error when trying to sync the NetSuite Sales Order to Salesforce Order or Opportunity.  "Composite Operation failed due to the following error(s)\nRequired fields are missing: [PricebookEntryId] for OrderItem[7]"

    The Subtotal field in NetSuite doesn't have a related price level.  Not sure what to pass it as a default value to not get this error...

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  • Matthew Cole

    Damon Betlow did you ever get this resolve? I'm facing a similar issue. 


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  • Damon Betlow

    Not yet.  Still have a ticket open though...

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