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Install Salesforce - NetSuite (IO) Integration App




  • METER Group

    Install Celigo bundle and connector in NetSuite step 2 says to install Celigo Salesforce Connector [IO].  It does not exist in the manner suggested, but I do find it in 

    Customization > SuiteBundler > Search & Install Bundles.

    It has been installed 5 times, and was created on 06-AUG-18. Is this the right file?

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  • METER Group

    (Bundle ID is 246279, vs the non-IO version of Celigo Salesforce Connector 48893)

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  • Tom Santiago

    METER Group Sorry for the confusion, the second step is actually a SuiteApp instead of a bundle. You can find SuiteApps in Customization > SuiteCloud Development > SuiteApp Marketplace.

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  • Courtney Jordan

    Hi METER Group ,

    Thanks for reaching out. You'll actually need to use a SuiteApp instead of a bundle, which you can find in NetSuite at Customization > SuiteCloud Development > SuiteApp Marketplace. SuiteApps are the latest and are faster than bundles. Please let us know if you have other questions!

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  • Raj Srinivasan


    When I go to Customization > SuiteCloud Development > SuiteApp Marketplace and try searching for Celigo Salesforce Connector [IO], it doesn't give me anything in NetSuite Sandbox. When I try searching "Celigo", it shows "Celigo Saleforce Integration App". Can someone pls help?

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  • Docs Support

    Hi Raj, 

    Yes, that is correct. You may install the "Celigo Saleforce Integration App". 

    We have corrected the article. Thank you for letting us know.

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