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    Is this for V2 or for IO?  I can't even follow the instructions - it seems to refer to an outdated version of (even antedating the "Legacy UI").  This is rather frustrating.

    In particular I am failing w.r.t. the section on Salesreps. It says  "It is mandatory that you have already created required users in Salesforce based on your configuration of employees in NetSuite. We pick all the sales representatives based on their email ID from Salesforce and NetSuite and map them automatically for you."

     My sales orders and customers are not getting automatically mapped. I have salesreps configured in NS.  I can't follow the instructions in that section because I can't find the menu options:

    "To see your NetSuite and Salesforce sales representatives:

    1. Sign in to your account.
    2. Click the Salesforce-NetSuite Integration App (SmartConnector) tile.
    3. Under Settings, click General.
    4. Under Others, click Sales Users.   "

    There is no Others under General, and I can't find Sales Users.

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    Hi METER Group,

    Sorry for the late response here - I didn't see this comment come in. I'm checking with the PM on this.

  • Nithin Gollapally QA Lead
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    Hi METER Group,

    The Articles are related to V2, please find this link for IO based settings articles


    Thank you


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