Set up a connection to Magento 2



  • Ankit Agarwal

    Generate token is not working


  • Ugo Arubaleze

    I am confused about the generate token step. What should I do if I do not use 2FA on Magento.

    In it says 

    "Click the Generate token button to have fill in an encrypted access token or enter the token generated for you by Magento 2."

    I am under the impression that if I dont use 2FA the generate token would generate one it self. But when I click it, the token entry shows an error, requesting a value to be entered then it just says generating... but nothing is generated and after clicking generate a couple of time, you start getting this error


    So its either I must have 2FA or the generate token does not work.

    Another issues is I can type in random/incorrect login credential, random/incorrect token value and still get a successful connection message, this is counterintuitive and brings into question, is proper verification being done?


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