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Set up an automatic token-based auth connection to NetSuite



  • Kenneth Welling

    It doesn't work. I had to go into the integrator on the netsuite side in order to get the first connection to work, and then I have to follow instructions from  In order to complete step 4 (and these instructions are also outdated - the UI has changed since they were written).

  • Tom Santiago

    Hi Kenneth Welling, We've got a ticket to revise this and also add other authentication methods for NetSuite connections currently in progress. Sorry for the delayed response.


  • METER Group

    Can I use the same tokens for the Integration app NS Connection that I use for a standalone flow NS connection?  I would have thought so but when I test the connection it fails.

  • METER Group

    OK, I learned that there are tokens separate from High Tech Connectors, so that answered my prior question.

    Now a better question. The Help Desk staff all (in my experience of 2 times) told me to use the Manual option when I set up the connection for the IA. The V1.6 integration App release notes recommend we use the Automatic option.  How do I know which to use, or when to use which one?  What are the benefits and desirable situations for the 3 Authentication types you present here?

  • Tom Santiago

    Hi METER Group, I've passed your question on to some subject matter experts, and when we receive the response, we will notify you of the answer and revise the article. Thanks.

  • Docs Support

    Hi Meter Group, 

    Token based authentication is preferred over basic authentication as it is more secure. Between the two token based types, we recommend Token based (automatic) as it is both secure and faster (in terms on time to install). 

    Prior to v1.6  Salesforce NetSuite (IO) integration App release, the recommendation was to create a basic connection, install and verify the NetSuite bundle and then change the authentication type to Token based (manual). This was the recommended path because manual creation of token required the bundle to be installed in NetSuite. 

    With v1.6, we have an additional option for Token based (automatic). With this option, you can create the token prior to NetSuite bundle installation and verification.

  • kj semikian

    Im doing a basic connection, When i test the connection it works but when i save and close it logs out 

  • Stephen Brandt

    Hi, kj semikian. I hope that by now your connection has proved stable after the initial creation and committing the saved changes. If you're still running into problems, I'd invite you to submit a support ticket, so that we can try to reproduce the problem, address the variables, and offer alternative solutions for the authentication type and verifying your NetSuite connection. Thanks. 


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