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Sync your transfer orders and InboundShipments



  • Uday


    Using this flow, can we match the items based on the UPC rather than the SKU as the SKU does not match between Amazon and NetSuite. If so, what would be the field name from the Amazon Side.

  • Sashikanta Behera QA Engineer

    Hi Uday,

    While creating an Inbound shipment plan, Amazon always expects the SKU. If we don't provide any SKU and instead of that, we provided the ASIN/UPC value, we get the below error message from Amazon.
    Error Message:- Invalid SellerSKU specified: SellerSKU must not be empty
    So to answer your question, we can't match the items based on the UPC rather than the SKU.
    The alternate solution here is to use the Alias functionality of the Transfer Order Add-on. Below is the help article to set up Alias functionality in the TO flows. 
    Please let us know if anything is unclear. 

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