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Intro to Error Management 2.0



  • viliandy leonardo Product Management Director

    We are rolling this new error management framework in phases. So, please leave a comment here if you are interested in migrating to the new error management sooner rather than later.

    As a reminder, if your account has Integration App (IA) or IA license or you plan to use IA, you'll need to wait till Feb 2021 to uptake the new features. 


  • Anna Orlova



    My flow doesn't give any errors, it just returns empty fields. How to troubleshoot that? 


  • viliandy leonardo Product Management Director

    Anna Orlova

    I verified that your account is not on the new error management. However, please raise a support ticket so they can discuss with you to better understand what fields are empty and then assist you with your questions.

    Thank you


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