Sync orders from Shopify to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central



  • Jel Ibe

    Do customer has an option not to set the tax using Add total tax against a single line item on the order setting ? if they do not select this option what is going to be the impact once order get's sync in Business central?

  • Nilesh Kumar Senior Product Manager
    Celigo University Level 4: Legendary

    If the customer does not set the "Add total tax against a single line item" on the order setting and the order being synced from Shopify has an associated tax, then the tax will be shown as a variance in Business Central. One can verify the variance in Business Central by opening the relevant sales order imported from Shopify and navigating to Sales Order> Celigo eTail > Celigo eTail tax variance.
    The variance tax shown here will be the sum of all the line-level taxes that can be verified in the order line under the column: Celigo eTail order line tax.


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