Advance Mapping Only perform mapping when:- (Checkbox exception case)



  • Courtney Jordan Experience Strategy & Design Director Community moderator
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    Hi Yash Kumar,
    Thanks for providing this feedback on how we could improve the user experience! I've moved this post to our main Troubleshooting custom flows section, and have let the PM in charge of mapping know about this issue.

  • Scott Henderson CTO
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    Yes, in theory every checkbox field should always be true or false.  That said, there are systems/applications out there where a checkbox field can be undefined/empty/null until someone explicitly sets a value for it.  One example is when you define a new checkbox field for an existing database schema where there is already a bunch of data/rows, and then the checkbox field will be empty for all the existing data/rows until you set a value for it via a separate update query.  Another example is when you add a new custom checkbox field to an application like NetSuite (i.e. or any application where you can define custom fields), and then unless you run a mass update to set the field to an initial value, it might be empty for existing records.


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