Shopify Payment Method Mapping



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    Saikumar Rachamalla Docs Team Lead Principal Technical Writer

    Bryn Harvey we didn't document this after discussing it with our product team because they mentioned that it would depend on what you want to configure either payment gateways or payment method and you will have to pick it up from order JSON. There is no way for us to provide that list. Just that you don’t have to fail the order in Celigo, you can check the JSON in Shopify by adding .JSON when the order is open.
    Let us know if this helps!
    Thanks for posting!

  • Rhett Frei
    Awesome Follow-up

    I figured it out. I told the flow to fail if no payment method matched, then got the value from the log. 

    shopify_gateway = direct

    If you know what paypal, apple pay, google pay, and meta pay use would love to know. Surprised this information isn't in the documentation. 

  • Anitha Abraham Community moderator Principal Technical Writer
    Celigo University Level 3: Master

    Rhett Frei thanks for sharing your solution! Also, for letting us know about the gap in the documentation! We're looking into it and will be updating the documentation.

  • Bryn Harvey Referral Partner
    Celigo University Level 2: Seasoned

     Can you please provide the link to the added documentation for this? Thank you!


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