Customize Virtual Export NSObject Response



  • Anitha Abraham Community moderator Principal Technical Writer
    Celigo University Level 3: Master

    Chris Coppenbarger thanks for the post! I've moved it from the "Community basics" to the "Troubleshoot custom flows" forum for visibility.

  • Bas van Ditzhuijzen Strategic Partner NetSuite Integration Whiz Salesforce Integration Whiz
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    Hi, The easiest way would be to set the custom field label in the NetSuite Saved Search to be the actual field name.

  • Chris Coppenbarger
    Celigo University Level 1: Skilled

    Bas van Ditzhuijzen
    That's what someone in support suggested. It didn't seem to make sense as that's not what I was expecting. I did that, and it works for me for now.

    I still can't get other items the way that I'm expecting, but it's probably just a NetSuite API implementation thing, not a Celigo thing. Too many hacky workarounds.


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