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FTP Import seems very flakey, anyone else having issues currently?



  • Scott Henderson CTO
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    FTP is one the most heavily used endpoints on the platform, and I would recommend getting in touch with technical support to figure what is happening with your flow. It is possible this is a flow config issue, or it is also possible there is an issue with the FTP site. It is very hard to help here. i.e. other than to confirm that we have tons of FTP flows running without issues on the platform.

  • Steve Klett Strategic Partner
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    Thanks Scott, that's basically what I was after by asking here ("Yeah, it's down for us too!") I've logged 3 support tickets already, I'll see where that goes. I did also notice there is branching in the flow, so that could be it as well. I'll create a new flow with no branching and see if it works.


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