Flow Data Previews - What am I doing wrong?


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  • Amanjot Singh Group Product Manager
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    Hello Steve,

    Thank you for sharing the feedback. The workarounds you've listed above are what other users on the platform are using as well. The platform is designed to work with a single record for transformations, mapper, etc. That being said, we have identified these issues and are actively working on resolving them. 

    In short term, we are introducing a test mode, where you could test your flow using multiple records and can access those records within a step such as filters, transforms, or hooks. You won't have to take data from a previous step and paste it into the next. This functionality would only be limited to test mode.

    Long term, we are exploring the idea (not prioritized for a release yet) to support the ability to process multiple records during design time (outside of test mode) so you can preview the complete data that gets out of export and not have any import step with no input data.

    Hope this answers your query. I am happy to talk more about our plans for such issues over zoom, if necessary.



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