Shopify POS transactions failing to interface with NetSuite



  • Sowmik Sengupta

    Two updates (if anyone else encounters this issue):

    • I used the below compare logic for Form (internal id) and that got the POS orders flowing. 
    {{#if source_name}}{{#compare source_name '===' 'pos'}}210{{else}}236{{/compare}}{{/if}}
    • The issue resurfaced for POS orders that are to be shipped later (Buy online, ship to customer). I understand that requires some additional logic in the compare handlebar; trying to figure that out now.
  • Sowmik Sengupta

    I resolved it by improvising the above compare logic. For POS orders that require shipping; the fulfillment status is null; for the rest its fulfilled. I inserted that else logic as another compare statement since traditional if...else is not supported by handlebar.

    You'll also notice that I used a simplified compare instead of the earlier if & compare model. This is courtesy of the Celigo agent who attended to my ticket and suggested this from on his knowledge bases.

    {{#compare source_name "==" "pos"}}{{#compare fulfillment_status "==" "fulfilled"}}210{{else}}236{{/compare}}{{else}}236{{/compare}}

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