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  • Diksha Khatri Software Engineering Manager
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    Hi Stewart,

    We have two options, 1) we can set on export to save one record per page, 2) we can utilise batchSize property on import to send one record to the application irrespective how many records we have in a page.

    You can use the Page size property available in the Advanced section of NetSuite export. This will ensure only one record goes in a page to the next steps.

    What type of steps do you plan to use? For HTTP/REST type of import there's a property 'Number of records per HTTP request' which controls number of records per request. Similarly for NetSuite we have 'Batch size limit' for same purpose.


  • Matt Graney Chief Product Officer
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    Stewart Cruickshank -- I suspect what you're really asking is about how to iterate through each record you've retrieved from the saved search, right? If that's the case, please check out content like this:

  • Stewart Cruickshank

    Hi Matt,

    It's a little different.  The flow starts with an export from Netsuite and teh saved search can return lets say 5 records.

    I'd then like to process each record through the next bubbles (import, lookup and import) one at a time - rather than as an object of 3 records.

    Is that possible?

    Many Thanks,

  • Scott Henderson CTO
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    Do you have the "Group rows" field unchecked? 

    If "Group rows" is unchecked then I am confused by what is happening in the example you provided. If NetSuite returns 5 records, how does that turn into 3 records?  Can you share the exact data that you see in the preview panel?  Be sure to mask any sensitive data, and I mostly want to see how the records are being grouped.


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