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    Mel Haynes, Jr. this is possible. First off, you would need to use the grouping and the sorting feature on the FTP export. If you don't specify a sorting column, then results may not be as expected, see help text below:


    Secondly, after you add the grouping and sorting, everything would look like this:


    At that point, each record is a row of records, but we then need to make some transforms to manipulate it some.


    Lastly, you would have the import step to the other ftp server and utilize mapper 2.0:


    Here is the output:

  • Mel Haynes, Jr.

    Tyler Lamparter

    Thank you very much for this detailed response. I wish I had included screenshots, for some reason I didn't think I could, but I was actually kinda close. This is really great and will try it tonight and report back.

    I really appreciate the time you took in this answer.


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