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    Balasubramanian Mahadevan Community manager Senior Technical Writer
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    Hi Gabe Parr, great to hear that the solution provided by Adriana Zulewski worked for you. In the eBay- NetSuite integration app, you can specify the condition of the product using the Default Item Condition setting under Settings > Product > Default Options. However, the default item condition selected under the Default Item Condition setting will come into effect only if you don't specify the product condition ID in NetSuite. You can find more details about the default options in the Understand the Product settings in eBay - NetSuite integration app article.

  • Adriana Zulewski

    Hi Gabe, 

    My company has products coming over from NetSuite to eBay. In our case, we modified our saved search in NetSuite to produce the correct output for condition (2500 and 1000 are the two condition codes we use for eBay for 'seller refurbished' and 'new', respectively).

    Under the results tab of the saved search, we have a 'Formula (Text)' type field for condition and use a formula like this one:

    CASE WHEN {custitem_field} LIKE '%Used%' THEN '2500' ELSE '1000' END


    See eBay's page on condition codes here: https://developer.ebay.com/devzone/finding/callref/enums/conditionidlist.html


    I hope that helps!



  • Gabe Parr
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    Adriana Zulewski

    Thank you! I got it dialed in and success!


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