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  • sushil patil Senior Product Manager
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    The error message "Failed to create, update/transform record because null" in NetSuite usually indicates that there is an issue with the data being sent to NetSuite. Here are some steps to resolve this issue:

    1. **Check the Field Values**: The error message suggests that an invalid field value might have been specified. Make sure that all the field values being sent to NetSuite are valid and in the correct format. For example, if a field is expecting a boolean value, ensure that you are sending either true or false, not a string or any other data type.

    2. **Check the Record**: The error message also suggests that an invalid record might have been submitted. Make sure that the record being sent to NetSuite is valid. This includes checking that all required fields are included and that the record type is correct.

    3. **Enable Debug Logs**: Enabling debug logs can provide more information about what is causing the error. Check how the nlapi calls are going to NetSuite and look for any issues.

    4. **Check for SuiteScript/IO Hooks or UE Scripts**: If you have any SuiteScript/IO hooks or User Event (UE) scripts configured in your NetSuite account for the particular record, make sure they are working correctly. The error message suggests that the "syncradio" field might not be read properly in the scripts.

    5. **Reauthorize the Connection**: If you are unable to reproduce the error using a Suitelet, try reauthorizing the connection with the same user credentials that you used to run the Suitelet script.

    6. **Disable Scripts and Workflows**: If the error persists, try disabling any scripts and workflows in your NetSuite account that might be interfering with the record creation or update. Remember, the goal is to ensure that the data being sent to NetSuite is valid and in the correct format, and that there are no issues with the record or any scripts or workflows in your NetSuite account.

    Can you please let us know if you are getting this error for DIY flow or an Integration App and which? This issue is tagged as ADP-NetSuite IA, and the attached screenshots are for Microsoft SQL.


  • Nate Briant Senior Solutions Consultant
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    Great Answer

    Hi Fadi,

    I noticed that you are mapping to the NetSuite field for country "Address: Country (Internal ID)" but providing the value "US" instead of an ID which could be why you are getting this error once you start mapping in the country field.  You can either change to mapping to the NetSuite field "Address: country (name)" but this could still have an error if NetSuite is expecting "United States" instead of US just depends on how your instance is setup.

    Either way you can solve this will a static value to value field mapping.  Which is an advanced mapping feature found under the cog. 


    This will allow you to create a table for the expected values.  Either converting the incoming US value to the NetSuite internal ID or to United States depending on what field you want to map to. 

    Here is a link explaining advanced mapping under which you can find more detail on the static value to value mapping .


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