Can we disable 'AI' error management?



  • Ravi Pratap Singh Senior Product Manager

    Hi Bas van Ditzhuijzen,
    You can disable "Auto-resolve errors with matching trace key" to not auto-retry the errors. The field is available in Flow settings. 

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    Just to get it clear, that option says 'Auto-resolve', the feature where during a run old 'hard' errors are cleared, but it also applies to 'Auto-retry', where retries intermittent connection errors in the background? Because in my mind those are very different things. 

  • Ravi Pratap Singh Senior Product Manager

    Yes. In fact, 'Auto-resolve' features takes care of 3 things (link): clearing up duplicate previous run errors, auto-retrying and auto-detecting a connection when it's back online. When it's set to 'No', will not do the above 3 things.


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