Shopify Connection in IA install / setup fails and returns to same step



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    Saikumar Rachamalla Docs Team Lead Principal Technical Writer

    Jolyon Blazey thanks for sharing this. We saw your feedback on our article as well, we will enhance the documentation to avoid any further confusion. Thanks again!

  • Jolyon Blazey
    Celigo University Level 2: Seasoned

    Saikumar Rachamalla thanks for responding, have other people encountered this problem? I was surprised not to find more info on it, it was easy to reproduce.

  • IT Manduka

    Thank you so much Jolyon Blazey for this post!

    We faced this same issue over a year ago. Luckily Stein was still there and able to help, otherwise we would have been lost. Just setup new connection and was surprised this 1) is still happening and 2) the documentation has not been update.


  • Saikumar Rachamalla Docs Team Lead Principal Technical Writer

    IT Manduka we have updated the document per the feedback from Jolyon Blazey to make it clearer and remove any confusion. Kindly go through the comments on this article.

    As mentioned in the 'Important Notes' at the top, it is stated that the user should choose an existing connection when installing the integration app for the first time.

    • If you are installing the integration app for the first time, you must only choose the option 'Use existing connection'.
    • If you wish to create a new connection on the integration app that is already installed, choose 'Set up a new connection'.

    We understand that including the 'Set up new connection' information in this article has created confusion. Therefore, we have removed this information from this article and have created another article to address it."

    Also, we have added FAQs relevant to this topic. 

    Thank you for sharing your insights. Please let us know if you find this information helpful.

    Happy posting! 


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