Issue with Setting Subsidiary ID on Item Upsert in NetSuite



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    Hi Nuri Ensing
       Regarding your two queries, for Item record subsidiary is a multi-select field, that's the reason we need to submit it as an array. but for transaction records, it's a select-type field instead of a multi-select, that's the reason we submit it as string "13".

    Not sure why you are not able to submit the 13 value for the item record subsidiary. ideally, it should work.
    this is the right way to submit the value for the subsidiary for the item record. I don't see any issues with it.
    are you seeing any kind of errors in the dashboard?



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    Hi Nuri Ensing,

    A few things I'd check:

    1. Does the NS account IIO is using have access to subsidiaries (I saw another flow is working, but perhaps different connection)?
    2. Does the default Item form or the form restricted to the IIO NS Role display the subsidiary field?
    3. Can you change the subsidiary in the UI? With the same Role as the IIO connection?


    BTW, for some reason when I attempt to tag you in this response there are 4 results that come up.


  • Nuri Ensing NetSuite Integration Whiz
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    Thank you both for your insights and suggestions.

    Muneswara Thotakura
    I appreciate your explanation regarding the need to submit the subsidiary as an array for item records and as a string for transaction records. You're correct, and that aligns with my understanding as well. I was puzzled about why submitting the value "13" for the item record subsidiary wasn't working as expected. However, it turns out there was an external factor at play. A consultant informed me yesterday that there was a script running in the background in NetSuite which was altering the subsidiary. This means that while Celigo was sending the data correctly, it was being modified within NetSuite. Your input was invaluable in helping me to troubleshoot this issue.

    Steve Klett
    Thank you for highlighting those points. I checked, and all the aspects you mentioned are in order. The issue, as I previously noted, turned out to be an internal script running in NetSuite, which was affecting the subsidiary data after Celigo sent it correctly. 

    Regarding the tagging issue, I believe you see my name multiple times because of my history with multiple accounts. My company changes and different email addresses have led to the creation of these additional accounts. I hope this clears up any confusion.

    Again, I'm thanks for your assistance and the time you both took to help resolve this matter :-)


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