NetSuite Customer Payment Apply Sublist (Keep Unapplied)



  • Nate Briant Senior Solutions Consultant
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    Hi John,

    If you are looking to trying to have different behavior based upon the value of the invoice one possibility is using flow branching instead of trying to do everything in the mapping on a single step.  You could have a NetSuite lookup step that returns the invoice details and then branches from that step based upon the invoice data. If an invoice is found then apply the payment to the invoice if not then create that unapplied payment.  Could look something like this...

    This might be easier to manage since you may need to have entirely different mappings for a step that applies customer payment and one that has unapplied payments.  The error you are getting could be related to trying to map an unapplied payment in the same format as one that does have an invoice.  Two steps will give you the flexibility to change the unapplied payment mapping so that NetSuite accepts the new record.

  • John Tallman

    Nate Briant - Thank you! That helps.


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