Error Importing to Google Sheet



  • Scott Henderson CTO
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    The error you are seeing is due to an embarrassing bug in our UI. The root problem is when you save the import flow step from the 'Simple' toggle at the top, then it wipes out the pre-configured 'HTTP request body' field. The work around is to paste the following value back into the 'HTTP request body' field, and then always save from the 'HTTP' toggle view on the top. We are hoping to patch this UI bug asap, and we are really sorry about this!

      "values": [
        [{{#each record}}{{#if @first}}{{{jsonSerialize this}}}{{else}},{{{jsonSerialize this}}}{{/if}}{{/each}}

  • Dave Guderian
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    Scott- Thanks for the help. I just tested and that did the trick! Thanks so much!


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