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  • Kevin Gonzalez

    Hey Dave Guderian, I see Hubspot recently updated their Engagements API to v3. Our Hubspot connector does not have this update yet but you can switch the Form Views on the export to use REST API. Hubspot now has a /meetings endpoint which would limit the data coming in. Hopefully that gets you to what you need. I will also request to have our Hubspot connector updated to show the updated APIs via the drop down!

  • Dave Guderian
    Celigo University Level 4: Legendary
    Awesome Follow-up

    Thanks Kevin. This does help, and thanks for requesting the V3 Engagement API.

    So, using the meeting endpoint you referenced above works great, but the issue is that the payload is pretty limited (as would be expected). I added a lookup step after the initial export to try to pull the "meeting details" for each meeting ID but am having issues finding the right handlebar to pull more than one meeting at a time.

    Do you know what API call and/or handlebar syntax I could use for this?

    Screenshot showing results from initial export

    Screenshot showing that I can return the details for one meeting just fine:Screenshot showing trying to change the handlebar to return meeting details based on whatever id is passed in, but cant figure it out:


  • Kathyana Rule Community moderator Technical Writer
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    Hi Dave Guderian

    Have you tried using the new Celigo AI component to create the handlebars syntax? It's really easy to use!




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