Celigo Listener does not recognize NetSuite Merge as a Change



  • Balasubramanian Mahadevan Community manager Senior Technical Writer
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    Jody Ennen Moving this post to Troubleshoot custom flows topic for better reach.

  • Tyler Lamparter Principal Product Manager
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    Jody Ennen the issue is more around how NetSuite themselves handle this. We rely on NetSuite user events to fire off these webhooks, but in the case of merging duplicates NetSuite doesn't fire off a user event for us to consume. This is similar to other native NetSuite buttons and the work around is the same. You basically need to create a suite script to hijack the native merge button. This suite script would show a new merge button that is custom and upon clicking it you would log some change that does fire off a user event script and then run the merge. See external thread: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/35399784/handling-merge-scenario-in-user-event-script-in-netsuite


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