Mapping Shipping and Billing Adress Street 1 & 2 on Orders from Salesforce to NetSuite


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  • Scott Markwell
    Awesome Follow-up

    A quick note on the Address 2 regex.  It finds the first line break, then cleans up any leading white-space on the line.

    If you want to be more accurate on your mapping, you may wish to do ^.*[\r\n]* as this will leave your messy data intact as it's represented in the source material.  That may be more of a personal preference.

    This approach does not address if your NetSuite environment is setup with three street line entries, but this should give you a head start on the approach.  (Exercise left to the reader etc.)

    Open to feedback on the regex above, etc.  I am also using these in a Python script for some data work/cleanup as well, it seems relatively portable.


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