Something seriously wrong with typing in IIO



  • CURCIO ENTERPRISES Product Management Director

    Hi Steve... I'm not seeing that, and haven't heard of others seeing that yet.

    The process that's eating up all of that CPU... what is the name of the process?  I can't make it out from your video.

  • CURCIO ENTERPRISES Product Management Director

    Hi Steve... I wanted to get you an update.  The team here has been investigating and have observed some cases where CPU usage is inconsistent - primarily on Windows.  We're continuing to investigate for any scenario that might cause it to behave like you are seeing.

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    The process is my browser (Chrome based Brave). I included the CPU usage as evidence that "something" is going on, but I'm not normally a CPU usage watching kind of person - if everything is working, I don't care how much CPU is being used. The real issue is the user experience when typing; it's very bad due to the significant delays. It seems as if every keystroke is calling an external API or something... maybe it is!


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