NetSuite Item Fulfillment is not getting created



  • Yonton Mehler Integration Engineer NetSuite Integration Whiz Salesforce Integration Whiz
    Celigo University Level 4: Legendary

    Hi Sanju,

    It looks like your import step is built in a way that should work

    Seeing this error with this setup make me wonder about the following:

    1. Is the order Pending Fulfillment?
    2. Are the specific items in your test data needing to be fulfilled?
    3. Are the "item_name" values in your test data an exact match to the item names on the sales order?
    4. Are you able to create the Item Fulfillment for this order in the NS UI?

    If the answer to all of the above questions is yes, let me know and we can think of other things to consider. But hopefully one of those 4 questions will lead you to a simple solution.


  • Rick Eltzroth
    Celigo University Level 4: Legendary

    I was able to get item fulfillment to create from sales orders at one point. its been a minute.

    I used the internal ID of the NetSuite Item and mapped it to the Field ID: itemkey

    You also may need to 'use dynamic mode' and hardcode 'fulfill' to true


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