Failed to extract child records to netsuite



  • viliandy leonardo Product Management Director

    shiva ch Could you clarify the scenario above and in what steps you see the error message above?


  • Lukas Bowen

    This is a similar issue that I am experience; however, mine is with Invoice Objects. I have a real time listener setup for Netsuite on Invoices which then submits the data over to Salesforce. Then I need copy the items on the invoice; however, when I specify one to many relationship to the "item" field I get the error posted aboved wheen trying to work with it.

  • Courtney Jordan Experience Strategy & Design Director Community moderator
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    Thanks for letting us know you're running into this issue. throws this error when the oneToMany path doesn't exist in the source data. Could you check your exact data by opening the retry data in the error job? If you could submit a support ticket on this, they'll be able to help you resolve this more quickly. Thanks!

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