Allow access to logs of completed imports and allow retry of data


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    viliandy leonardo Product Management Director

    Craig Silk 

    Thank you for submitting idea. retains error data so that users can retry the data after fixing integration issues. Success and Ignored records are not persisted by design because storing these extra data types not only leads to higher operational cost (in terms of storage extra capacity and data protection) but also is not a feature required by all of our customers; some prefer that io does not store any non-error data. is a flexible and powerful integration platform that has tool to build what you need here. You can add an import step to persist the ignored records in your own data store (i.e S3 bucket, FTP, or a Database).  Here is an example that shows an import step to store ignored records in a S3 data store. That said, I recommend that you improve the existing filter to catch all legitimate data before considering storing ignored records.

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