Ability to pinpoint which record failed in the view errors list




  • viliandy leonardo Product Management Director

    Alex Placito

    Could you please expand on your scenario? When a record flows through the integration and it fails in a specific flow step, the flow dashboard will show the step that fails and the record (by viewing its retry data).


  • Alex Placito NetSuite Integration Whiz
    Celigo University Level 4: Legendary

    Hi viliandy leonardo

    I think when I was mentioning this to Courtney, I was actually referring to line items / sublists within NetSuite on a transaction.

    For example, if I'm importing a Journal Entry with potentially hundreds of line items, and my mapping contains a lookup for the GL account on the JE line, when the record import fails, I don't know which line it failed on. This may actually be more of a NetSuite limitation, now that I think about it.

    However, if it's at all possible for Celigo to identify which line item generated an error, that would be helpful.

  • viliandy leonardo Product Management Director

    RSM Consulting

    When importing journal entry line items and the import fails, NetSuite does not tell which line item it failed on. Hence, the platform cannot identify which line items fail either. This validation or check can be carried out inside a script to validate specific business rules that apply to your situation. Here is KB link for adding scripts to your flow.


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