Flow that downloads a file from a website?



  • Wade Shelton

    Out of curiosity - 

    Does the site in question provide an API (Rest/SOAP) that contains the path to the file that you're trying to download, or are you just trying to download a file of unknown type directly from a URL?

  • viliandy leonardo Product Management Director

    Hi Mike, 

    What application do you download a file from? If the endpoint has an API that points to the file, a generic connector such as REST or Http can be used to download a file from the api. For example, you can download Jira attachments from a url like: https://abcd.atlassian.net/secure/attachment/file_id/file_name

    However, we identified a bug that causes issues with file download. The fix is planned for our July release. 


  • Alexander LaPorta

    Hi Both,


    Wade Shelton It is from NetSuite, so yes it has both RESTlets and SOAP APIs - I've never done a file transfer this way though maybe i should look into it a bit more.


    viliandy leonardo are you saying it is possible, but there is a bug at the moment? I'm just trying to find the easiest way to get around the limitation of sFTP only transfers from NetSuite. If it is possible could you give me a quick example? I can know the link before hand if thats of any use?




  • viliandy leonardo Product Management Director

    Alexander LaPorta Thank you for adding information. The issue I was referring to is applicable only if you create a generic connector out of REST or Http connector. 

    Could you please elaborate what integration you want to build? What does "get around the limitation of sFTP only transfers from NetSuite"?

    We have an example of exporting a file out of NetSuite in the Marketplace. When you logged in your IO account, navigate to MarketPlace and find this template that shows you how to extract files out of NetSuite. 



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