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view request / response data for a specific run from the dashboard




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    Anirudh Sundaram

    Hi Morgan,

    While the specific functionality you requested is currently not available as Viliandy mentioned in the previous post, I wanted to make sure you were aware of the 'connection debugger' functionality that might be of help depending on your exact needs.

    The connection debugger is meant to be used a short-term data capture tool for testing purposes. It is turned off by default, and when turned on it captures the request and response details that go through that specific connection. The debugger can be turned on in the connections page by going to the 'Actions' menu for the appropriate connection, clicking on 'Configure debugger', and selecting the duration for which you'd like to turn on the debugger.

    Please note the following caveats for the connection debugger - 

    • it does not apply to historical jobs/runs, it only captures data for jobs that occur after the debugger has been turned on
    • it can be turned on for a maximum of 60 minutes, after which it will need to be turned on again as needed
    • it doesn't capture the response code or the response headers, only the response body
    • the data captured by the debugger gets purged periodically, typically within 2-3 days
    • it doesn't work for connections that use an on-premise agent
  • Courtney Jordan Experience Strategy & Design Director Community moderator
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    Hi Dennis Craig,

    We're working on how to bring forth more data at each stage, and would love to get your insights on how we could improve this! You're correct, currently you cannot view success data, but we've heard from several customers that this would be very helpful. I've reached out to our PM in charge of this initiative, Milad Shiraz, on this so that he can follow up with you.

  • Courtney Jordan Experience Strategy & Design Director Community moderator
    Celigo University Level 4: Legendary
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    Also, we've recently added an area for enhancement requests - please add your ideas there and upvote those that other customers have suggested to help us prioritize what's most important for you! Thank you so much for your help!

  • viliandy leonardo Product Management Director

    Dennis Craig

    We have in product backlog a feature enhancement to display both request and responses of error records. It is something that we plan to address. Would you be able to describe why you need to see  request/response? What problems you'd like to solve by having this information?

    We have also tracked enhancement about logging success records. Though this information is not available from run dashboard, you may consider a workaround by adding a new import step at the end of the flow to save the successful records. This data can be saved into a file repositories such as sFTP or S3 bucket.

    Success records will eventually amount to a large amount of data repositories. If you had access to success records, what would you use them for? Do you want them kept for specific time and purge afterwards? 





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