HOW TO: What's the best way to load a static lookup with a lot of items?



  • Jack Harris
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    Where do you put that code?

  • Kathyana Queeman Community moderator Technical Writer
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    Hi Jack Harris

    This is fairly old content. I'm validating this solution with someone on our team before we recommend this. I'll reach out to you here with an update. Thanks! 

  • Tyler Lamparter Principal Product Manager
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    Jack Harris this is on the import itself. If you have a field that uses a static mapping, then you can use our api to put in a large amount of mappings. You can either use postman or my preference of Zangabox chrome extension. Here is a screenshot example of an import I have with a static mapping for a field. You can see there is a lookups array at the root level and then in the mapping section it references the lookupName.


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