HOW TO: Extract data from Google Sheets and get data rows into name/value pairs



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    Scott Henderson CTO
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    We published a brand new template in our marketplace that makes it super easy to work with Google Sheets. We published a new article too explaining all the details (here). Hope this helps.

  • Tyler Lamparter Principal Product Manager
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    Another way to do this and not hardcode your field names is to utilize this script. If you select row A when getting sheet data, you can have a pre save page script to transform the data and create the JSON fields using the first returned result.

    function preSavePage (options) {
      let output = [];
      for (let d of {
        let fields = d.values[0];
        for (let [index,r] of d.values.entries()) {
          if (index > 0) {
            let o = {};
            for (let [indexF,v] of r.entries()) {
              o[fields[indexF]] = v;
      return {
        data: output,
        errors: options.errors,
        abort: false,
        newErrorsAndRetryData: []

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