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    Hi Mike Martin,

    Thanks for letting us know about your integration needs. To clarify, you have a lot of records, but the flow is only sending over 1 record at a time? Can you provide more information on your scenario - are you sending something like invoices with attached files? These articles should be helpful: fine-tuning throughput and exporting data from NetSuite. Just out of curiosity, do you have your Export Type for NetSuite set to just Test? That will only send over one record at a time.

  • Rohit Gupta Product Management Director

    Hi Mike,

    Delta Exports (by design) will only sync records that are modified since last time the flow ran. If your goal is to sync all records for the first time, you may want to switch the Export Type in your NetSuite Export to "All" (or "Once" if you only want to export record once) and then switch back to "Delta" so it only syncs records that get modified from there on.Let us know if that help addresses your query.

    More here:

  • Mike Martin

    Thanks for the feedback, I greatly appreciate it. I will add more detail to what we are doing here.

    When a proposal is created in NetSuite, we have files that are loaded with the proposal. What I want to happen is when the proposal is created, I want the corresponding files to come over. Also, when a file is added to an existing proposal, I want that file to come over as well. I have the flow set up as a Delta export, but that isnt working as expected. If I set the export to All, will that not send over mass updates all at 1 time? The Once export requires a boolean which means that we have someone check a checkbox every time a file is added. 

  • Rohit Gupta Product Management Director

    Based on the above description, I'm thinking the flow should poll NetSuite to check for any new/updated proposals (delta export), then pass the associated files with the proposal to a NetSuite Lookup Export (in the next step) and then post to Salesforce. Here's a suggestion on the possible flow design: 


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