Ability to review all connection errors (after initial login)




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    Hi Sam Hornstein,

    Thanks for this feedback! Which integration app are you using - I don't see any subscriptions for you currently? I sent this information to the head of integration apps, Rohit Gupta

  • Sam Hornstein


    The dashboard in the legacy UI allowed me to review all errors for all connections.  I could it the 'refresh' button and would still be able to see all errors for all stores.  Currently when I hit 'refresh', it refreshes only for the first connection.  We have about 40 store connections.  

  • viliandy leonardo Product Management Director

    Sam Hornstein

    We are working on some error management enhancements that will help you get the error information without logging in.

    The first one is error API that you can use to read these errors messages and output them to Slack. The second one is to improve the content of the email notification to include the error messages. However, you'd still need to login in order to take action on the errors. Here is a screenshot to illustrate the new format. 

    Both enhancements are targeted at the end of this year (safe harbor applies). Please let me know what your thoughts are  and how these would address your needs.


  • Rohit Gupta Product Management Director

    @Jessica, thanks for the additional color on your request too.

    Aside from what Viliandy mentioned, I want to add we are looking to enhance the new UI dashboard to allow reviewing errors for all stores at once. Meanwhile, I'd suggest you can use our old dashboard to review errors for all stores. Stay tuned for further updates!

  • viliandy leonardo Product Management Director

    Sam Hornstein

    We added the multi-store views when your account is migrated to the new error management.

    See this article on multi-store view feature.

    See this article on how to migrate your account to the new error management.


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