Any one getting errors when adding shopify orders error="unable to save record because The total can not be negative."



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    Hi Anthony Rosenkrantz,

    You need to figure out what's causing the negative total, which you can often do by reviewing the script logs in NetSuite. Thank you for pointing out this gap in documentation - we will get it addressed. Could you make sure that you set the following field, NetSuite item to track the oder variances as a line item, with a Non-Inventory Item For Sale

    If you don't already have one, you can create a new item in this category. If you do,  click Refresh to choose an item from the drop-down. After clicking Save, you can then retry your error in your dashboard.

    This should unblock you, but we recommend opening a support ticket to get a thorough resolution here.

  • Anthony Rosenkrantz

    We have an a variance sku still does not solve the issue. I have also created a support ticket and it been open for a while. I am getting desperate as month end in upon us!


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