Installation into Sandbox issue



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    Divyanshu Chhapia

    Hi Rosemol,

    You are facing the issue in Sandbox? Is the store available in Production and on refresh not getting added in Sandbox?

    Or it is a new store that you are trying to add? Was the integration installed successfully?



  • Richard Holden

    Update on this post - this has been raised as a Case and looked at by Celigo technician. The issue seems to have been caused by the Salesforce-Celigo App having an error when installed into Netsuite. The Netsuite support team has been notified to remove the App from the Netsuite Sandbox and so allowing a normal install of the app into Netsuite. So the issue is Netsuite has data that indicates the app has been installed - but the IO in Celigo cannot locate the required data and entities.

    Will update as more information comes to light

  • Rosemol Joe Alappat

    Hi Richard Holden,

    Please mention how you solved this issue. I'm facing the same issue while adding new store in eBay NetSuite Integration.


  • Rosemol Joe Alappat

    Hi Divyanshu Chhapia,

    Thank you so much for your reply.

    I was trying to add a new eBay store to sandbox. I could resolve the issue after re-authorizing the NetSuite connection.


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