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    Hi Felipe Starling,

    Sorry for the delay on this. I'd missed some information coming from one of our experts with the holiday rush. In case you haven't solved for this yet, I wanted to provide this information.

    According to our expert, your implementation is showing only the first export's data in the Resources available section and those are coming from our previous UI, which was built on Ampersand instead of ReactJS technology, which didn't provide as much transparency into your data. 

    Even though the Resources available section does not show the details related to the second export, you can edit the Resources available section to include the second export's data. Then you can use that data - the handlebars will dynamically pick up values when your flow runs. However, the handlebars will also pick up data for other source exports. If you're using the same import for multiple exports,  there is a chance that the other exports might throw an error. 

    For example : Consider below is configured as flow F1
    1. PG1 is the first export and PG2 is the second export.
    2. PG1 has {"test1":"value1"} as data
    3. PG2 has {"test2":"value2"} as data
    4. PP1 is the import where in the handle bar template we used test2 field from the Resources available section.

    If you run F1, first PG1 (export) will run with PP1 (import) - here an error will be thrown as test2 (second export's name value in the key:value pair) field used in the template does not exist in PG1 data. However, running PG2 (second export) with PP1 (second import) will run fine.
    In summary, your current configuration will only be successful if PG1 and PG2 (first and second exports) have the same fields in their data.

    You seem to be using the Type and URL fields (which are circled in your screenshot), and you can use those fields in the handlebars in any Salesforce export that contains those fields. You don't need to worry about the value because it is dynamically evaluated when the flow runs. 

    Let us know if this helps!

  • Atindra Banerjee

    No mam, it is not working!

  • Anitha Abraham Community moderator Principal Technical Writer
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    Hi Atindra Banerjee, could you share details & screenshots of your flow so that we can better understand your issue and help you? Redact any sensitive information or protected data from the screenshots. Thanks!


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