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FAQ: How can I reference fields outside the “Path to many” in my import settings?



  • Giridhar Darapuneni

    can you please tell me what keyword should we use when the export data is in SOQL format?

  • Tom Santiago Principal Technical Writer Community moderator
    Top Contributor
    Celigo University Level 4: Legendary

    Hi Giridhar Darapuneni,

    One to many setting should show changed sample data in the import mappings. It doesn't matter whether the export is SOQL or anything else. converts it to JSON, and then you can enter an array field name in the one to many field. Everything outside of that array will automatically use "_PARENT."


  • Vikash Ranjan Sahu

    Hi Tom,

    I would like to update one point here.

    When using the one to many feature. The "path to many" field should be updated with exampleArray without the double codes. Then it works. Basically the use case here is - If someone wants to create multiple records in the destination from a single parent object. We will need to make sure three things:

    The export data should be in JSON with arrays underneath that.
    Use the Array element name without double codes which in this case is exampleArray.
    In the mapping, to reference data outside of the array / Path to many,  reference them by _PARENT.
    ie: _PARENT.exampleField



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