How to update the cached input data in XML Document Builder?


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  • Stephen Brandt Documentation Manager Community moderator
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    Hi, Steve Klett. Thanks for posting this question, and I apologize for the late reply over the holiday weekend. 

    The first place I'd suggest looking is in any transforms or hooks to make sure your new or changed columns are all accounted for. 

    If that's not applicable, you might want to share the flow with Celigo support, to see if they have any tips to force caching – or to see if there's an issue with in these circumstances that needs attention. 

    Finally, as a last-ditch – unfortunately labor-intensive – effort, you could try recreating the import to see if you're getting the records and sample data you expect at that point. 

    Please keep this thread updated, if there's a resolution that we haven't thought of or that might help others. 


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