Mapping custom fields on NetSuite Item Fulfillments?



  • Kate Larson Senior UX Researcher Community moderator

    Hi Jake,
    Yes, it is possible to map custom fields in a fulfillment flow. My recommendation is that you sign up for an office hours session where one of our solution consultants can help troubleshoot. We are aware that there may be an issue with mapping to CarrierCode specifically and this is in our engineering team's queue to investigate. 

    Thanks for posting to the community!

  • Kate Larson Senior UX Researcher Community moderator

    Hi Jake,
    Engineering suggests this workaround:
    Uncheck the 'Automate shipment carrier mapping' and set the ShippingCarrierCode mapping directly. If the setting is checked, then the ShippingCarrierCode value will be derived from the ShippingMethod node.

  • Jake Naydock

    Hi Kate Larson,

    Thank you for pointing me to that setting, I was not aware of that checkbox. I think we will have to uncheck this regardless of how we perform the mapping, since our NS shipping methods do not align with the CarrierCode required by Amazon.

    I also got some guidance from support on this. The key is to modify the fulfillment saved search to use the custom field I need to map to, while still keeping the "Shipping Carrier" custom label. This should allow us to change the source of the shipping carrier to the custom field with the correct info, without directly changing the mapping in Celigo. I still have to test this change, though. I'll be back here to update this post once I confirm if the change works, hopefully it can help someone else if they run into this issue.


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